Don Quixote: The Movie?

I did not know this was a Thing. But apparently, Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha will hit theaters in 2015—starring James Franco, of all people. (At least, that’s what all the press is saying. If you look at that IMDb page a little more closely, though, you’ll see that James Franco isn’t even playing Don Quixote—he’s playing Gines de Pasamonte, the galley slave freed by Don Quixote who goes on to steal Sancho Panza’s donkey and, later, cheat the pair of them out of a lot of money. With help from a “psychic” monkey.

Anyway, the point is that “starring James Franco” might be an overstatement.)

I can’t be sure this is real until I’ve seen a trailer. But it seems real—and in the event that it is real, I am preparing my unbridled enthusiasm. I am 250 pages away from the end of Don Quixote and a huge fan of book-to-film adaptations. (Except for any that include talking CGI animals. Especially Ella Enchanted, Hollywood’s most conspicuous cry for help.)

See you soon on the big screen, Knight of the Sorrowful Face Lions. Unless your horse starts talking in the trailer, I’m there.