10 Reasons to Read the Classics (Again.) (#sorrynotsorry)

Today (well, technically, yesterday), Ragan.com has resuscitated my article on 10 Reasons to Read the Classics. I’m sure you’ve already seen it, because it went sneezing-panda and Kate-Middleton-side-eye-level viral (yes, really not really). But JUST IN CASE you missed it, it’s back in all its preachy glory. There’s even a comment from some lady who is offended at the implication that nobody enjoys reading the classics (did I imply that?)—because obviously EVERY classic is as much fun to read as cupcakes are to eat (yes, really not really).

(By the way, I just did a Google search for “Ernest Hemingway cupcakes” and this came up. I can’t believe this is a Thing—and I also guarantee those cupcakes are better than The Sun Also Rises.)

Anyway, the new version has some mysterious edits (for the original version, click here) and some updated formatting, but thankfully they kept the Severus Snape hyperlink intact—the core principle and true backbone of this piece, if you want to know.

Please enjoy… or, at the very least, write offended comments below the article. I’ll make sure the eventual third version pays homage to all of your criticism—but I will never take away Severus Snape.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Read the Classics (Again.) (#sorrynotsorry)

  1. I saw the article via Ragan and kept nodding in agreement as I read through every point. One you could have added – reading the classics will help you be more successful in pub quizzes and crosswords. :)

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