Student Strikes in Strasbourg, and accidental alliteration

This one time, I went to study in France, and my university went on strike for four months. No one would tell me what was going on, and whenever I asked, someone closed a door in my face. Oh, and then they actually blocked the doors around campus with desks and chairs, probably so I’d stop bothering them:


It’s pretty much my best anecdote, except for the time I got hit by a car, and then ninja-rolled away from traffic.

Anyway, you can read about it here. My article on Strasbourg has nothing to do with books, so this is basically shameless self-promotion heaped on heartless exploitation of my own blog. I’m counting on the possibility that some of you like travel writing as much as I do, and on your forgiveness just this once (plus all the other times I’m likely to do this in the future).

Also, on the off chance that tarte flambée is something you adopt into your life per my suggestion, YOU’LL BE THANKING ME LATER.