It’s the Most Wonderful Day of the Week (Except Saturday) (and Sunday)

Lots of fun stuff to share with you today, in the form of recent publications.

My review of The Canterbury Tales is up on Punchnel’s. It contains a link to what is easily my favorite church cartoon ever. Check it out if you missed it on my blog; the Punchnel’s version is, as always, a slight improvement over my initial drafts.

LitroNY has now published this month’s installment of the “Literary Cities” series. Paris is ready and waiting for you here. For the purposes of this article, I pretended to like both Hemingway (because some people do) and Paris (even though no one does).

Just kidding, mes amis. Paris is like a bratty sibling. It has its moments, but you love it anyway.

Last up: I’m super excited to share a companion piece to last year’s “10 Reasons You Should Be Reading the Classics”: “10 Reasons You Should Be Reading YA Literature.” I hope I’ve succeeded in defending both with pen and sword. It bears repeating: There are great reasons to read just about everything, so read what you love!

Happy Friday, and happy reading.

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