Ready, Set, Quote


I won’t be posting a Quote of the Week this fair Sabbath, but ONLY because I want to build up a little suspense around my next blog-tastic, blog-tacular, blog-nificent pet project: a month-long Quote-a-Thon.

For the month of March, I won’t be posting anything except quotes. My primary motivation for this project is, of course, laziness, which is why I’d like to emphasize my SECONDARY line of reasoning: bringing joy and gladness to the literary blogosphere. My Quote Collection for the classics alone has grown to unmanageable proportions, and unless I blog for the next millennium (heh OVER MY DEAD BLOODY BODY), I’ll never get a chance to share them all.

So GET READY for March’s blog-sational, blog-mazing (blog-nomenal? blog-perb?) Classic Quote-a-Thon, coming to a blog near you. Prepare yourselves for a literary feast of the best words from the best books ever written. And please, please share some of your own favorites. My Quote Collection is nothing if not hungry for more.

See you Tuesday, and happy quoting!

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