6 thoughts on “I’m Kind of Obsessed with This Book Abandonment Infographic

  1. Interesting! I waffle on when I’ll abandon a book. If it’s not holding me in the first chapter or 2, putting it down is easy – it’s just not my kind of book. But if I like it well enough at the beginning, only to find myself struggling at the midway point, that’s a lot harder. I already invested all this time!

    Actually, now that I think about it, it’s not always easy abandoning at the beginning, because sometimes I tell myself it’ll pick up. It’s just a slow start, surely it’ll become better later… So basically, it’s different with every book.

    Some books I hated but read through because they were a gift, and I felt I had to honor that gesture by reading it. Other times it’s because the book seemed “important,” a book I “should read” (though I’ve since decided that’s not a good reason). And then other times I have the patience of a bumblebee and am buzzing off to the next book after only a few pages. It varies!

    The books I have the hardest time deciding on whether to finish are the ones where I like portions of it, or I like the concept, etc, but for some mystifying reason it’s just not holding me… And I’m like, “I should be enjoying this! How come I’m not??” If I can’t name the reason then I feel more guilty about abandoning.

    • Generally speaking, I’m a finisher — to the extent that I can still remember exactly which titles I decided to abandon and count them on one hand. But after The Challenge, I’d like to get more in the habit of setting aside any book I’m not really enjoying.

      I was talking to someone recently about how much easier it is (for me, at least) to abandon a movie than a book — even though movies are much shorter. I guess it feels like less of an investment in time and energy to watch a movie, so I’m not as concerned about my ROI? In any case, IF I’m going to abandon a book, I’m likely to do it in the first quarter. And sometimes, especially with YA, if I want to know what happens but don’t care for the style, I just skim it.

      • I used to be a finish-no-matter-what-er too, but now I try to remind myself that there are so many amazing books out there waiting for me to discover, why waste time on one I’m not into?

        After how well you stuck with your Challenge, despite how grueling it was, you deserve to be as wildly picky as you dang well please! :)

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