A Reading App for People Who… Don’t Want to Read?


I am a little confused by this new serial app, carefully designed for iOS to help you “conquer the classics in 10 minutes a day.” Like, I’m pretty much doing that already, but with paperbacks?

Anyway, for those of you who find it more convenient to read on your phone, and would enjoy receiving short installments of classic literature on a daily basis, and prefer to limit your reading options to the couple dozen books that happen to be available on Serial Reader, this app is sure to satisfy. Who knows—maybe you agree with indy100‘s Narjas Zatat that we need to “revive the art of reading,” and/or Mashable‘s Chris Taylor that “reading a lengthy work of classic literature seems almost impossible” these days.

Personally, I can’t think of a less pleasant way to slog through a book I wasn’t very motivated to read in the first place… but apparently thousands of subscribers would beg to differ.

Happy reading, however you read!


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