The Best Literary Links I’ve Come Across This Week (Round 4)


Here we go again with Literary Links. (I should probably do this every week, but that would get in the way of my laziness.)

Hope you enjoy! And if not, I’m just the messenger!

I’d like to draw special attention to Rufi Thorpe’s MOTHER, WRITER, MONSTER, MAID over at Vela Magazine—a thought-provoking long-form piece on whether motherhood is fundamentally incompatible with a career in the arts.

Also, don’t miss the hilarious comic Every Dystopian YA Novel by adamtots over on reddit.

Happy reading, as always!


7 thoughts on “The Best Literary Links I’ve Come Across This Week (Round 4)

    • I really liked her perspective! I keep hearing more and more about teachers thinking critically about traditional methods and trying out new ideas in the classroom — it’s encouraging and inspiring even for those of us who aren’t teachers.

      • It’s odd that we have this impulse to associate school with hard labor and misery, like if it’s not miserable then it’s not “right” or “real” or something. Not a single person on this planet remembers every factoid they learned in school, and that’s okay, because the point of school should be to inspire curiosity, nurture our thinking skills, and culturally enrich us. Yes, it’s about fleshing out our knowledge so we’re not totally ignorant about the world, BUT it shouldn’t be about quizzing us on what so-and-so ate in chapter 4 just to prove we read it. I actually got that question on an English test in 10th or 11th grade. Not kidding. Had nothing to do with the *meaning* of the book, it was just about making sure we read it. No wonder I, a lifelong bibliophile, thoroughly loathed reading those 2 years.

  1. You will not believe it — I am just beginning to read Jane Eyre. I still do not know how to pronounce the last name, but so far so good. I feel very erudite.

    • I need to reread it actually — it’s been a while. For now I’ve been enjoying the Michael Fassbender movie version.

      I’ve always pronounced Eyre just like “air” and no one’s ever corrected me, so… you could go with that. :)

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