4 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

    • Exciting! Did you enjoy it? I actually read Don Quixote about two years ago but just recently got around to drafting the review. :/ Since it’s in the #1 slot, I’m planning to post the review in a couple of months when I’m wrapping up The Challenge.

      • I’d say I enjoyed parts of it. Probably a 2/4. I feel shameful in giving such an epic book a rating like that, but it’s so incredibly bloated. It’s highly entertaining, intricate and humorous. But I’ve often wondered how folks prior to the typewriter, who wrote only by hand, had the ability to be so inflated with their words. It was good, I only read Part 1. One day I’d like to go back with a more current version and reread it. It’ll be a little bit though. Trudging through my list! :)

      • Definitely. Some parts are hilarious and gripping, and others are tedious and overwrought. And I know what you mean — I had to break the habit of hesitating to criticize classics I don’t like. But now I enjoy taking them down a peg, haha. Good luck on your next read!

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