About The Challenge: The 100 Greatest Books Challenge is a challenge to read the 100 greatest books of all time, according to thegreatestbooks.org. Simple enough in theory, right?

For more details on the what, how, and why, check out the (LONG) Introduction to the 100 Greatest Books Challenge. Or, if you are the no-frills, no-nonsense type, get straight to the point at the (SHORT) Introduction to the 100 Greatest Books Challenge, which is essentially just the list of 100 books I’ll be reading from here to, oh, eternity.

About Me: Hi, I’m Jamie, a French-American writer/editor with too much time on my hands (apparently). I drink a lot of tea, make a lot of plans, and have a lot of opinions. Once I finish the 100 Greatest Books of All Time, I’ll probably get a pet and blog about it.

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Check out my website: www.jamieleigh.me

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My cover photo is by the talented Willi Heidelbach.

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  2. I’m currently reading Jane Eyre right now, and wondering why I didn’t read more classics throughout my life. Wow, such literary genius. What is your favorite classic thus far?

    • I need to reread Jane Eyre one of these days! It’s been forever.

      I couldn’t pick one favorite, but Toni Morrison’s Beloved stood out to me the most. I have never come across writing so transcendent before or since. Other classics I’ve loved start to finish are Catch-22, Anna Karenina, Pride and Prejudice, Vanity Fair, Slaughterhouse-Five, and The Age of Innocence.

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