The 100 Greatest Books Challenge Highlights:

100 Books! a.k.a. Challenge Completed! a.k.a. A Cautionary Tale (May 2017)

All the Best Excerpts from The 100 Greatest Books of All Time (May 2017)

The Top 10 Highlights of The 100 Greatest Books Challenge (May 2017)

My Wish List for Future Classics (and All Other Books) (April 2017)

“Chick Lit” and Other Horror Stories: My Interview with SpareMin (October 2016)

Sexism in Classic Literature (June 2016)

The Greatest Books vs. The Most Beloved Books (June 2016)

90 Books! a.k.a. So Close Yet So Far! a.k.a. The Tears Are Real (May 2016)

For the Purposes of This Post, Let’s Pretend That “4/5” Is a Major and Oft-Celebrated Milestone (January 2016)

75 Books! a.k.a. Three-Quarters! a.k.a. My Deathbed! (November 2015)

Mark Twain Would Laugh It Off… So I Guess I Will, Too (August 2015)

If I Could Only Have One Bookish Adventure in My Life, I’d Choose This One (July 2015)

Confessions from a Tired Reader (March 2015)

An Alternate Reality of Reading (February 2015)

Reading Checklists and Recommendations (January 2015)

Four Rules for Reading Faulkner (January 2015)

50 Books! a.k.a. Halfway There! a.k.a. Nap Time! (November 2014)

The Verdict Is In on YA Literature v. Intellectual Snobs (August 2014)

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