A Picture Is Worth 45390582 Words

I was scrolling through some old photos on my phone the other day and came across this shot from one year ago—the 37 books I had left to read for The List as of April 2015:


The image was pretty jarring, inasmuch as my list has since dwindled down to just 11:


(And yes, the page count of In Search of Lost Time is obviously an inside joke. With myself. In a spreadsheet. Of classic literature. Sigh.)

Anyway, it all got me thinking about the power of images. It’s a topic I spend little time contemplating, seeing as I’m usually preoccupied with the power of words. But visual representations of information—as every professional nerd knows—can often lead to newer and more exciting, or more compelling, or more heartrending, interpretations.

Consider that an equal number of people live in the blue and red areas of this world map (created by Max Roser of “Our World in Data”). Consider the emotion a Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph, or an old Polaroid in a family photo album, can carry across time and space. Consider how often we choose our next read based on incredible book covers like these. Consider the profundity of my sorrow and regret upon realizing, halfway through Modern Romance on audiobook, that I was missing out on all of Aziz Ansari’s thought-provoking graphs and charts.

With this in mind, here are all of the coolest classics-related visuals I could find in a half-hour Google hunt (must-views are starred*):



Comics and Infographics


See what I mean? See? A fresh perspective on age-old information can be as powerful as it is entertaining.

Now, go forth and spread sheet!

Oh, and happy reading!

Harry Potter Covers from Around the World: Which one is your favorite?

What could be better than Harry Potter? EVERY HARRY POTTER EVER, obviously. Check out these Harry Potter book covers from around the world.



Original American covers – illustrated by Mary GrandPré

5Original American covers - Mary GrandPré

New American – illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi

6American New -Kazu Kibuishi

Bloomsbury signature – designed by Clare Melinsky

7Bloomsbury signature-Clare Melinsky

UK Children – illustrated by Thomas Taylor

8UK Children-Thomas Taylor

UK Adult – designed by Michael Wildsmith

9UK Adult-Michael Wildsmith

UK Adult – designed by Andrew Davidson

10UK Adult2-Andrew Davidson

Penguin Classics style – designed by M.S Corley

11Penguin Classics style - M.S Corley

French – designed by Jean-Claude Gotting

12French-Jean Claude Gotting

French Adult – designed by Gallimard

13 French Adult-Gallimard

Danish – designed by Per Jorgensen

14Danish - Per Jorgensen

Dutch – designed by Ien Van Laanen

15Dutch-Ien Vaan Lanen

Dutch Pocket Edition

15A Dutch Pocket Edition

German – illustrated by Sabine Wilharm

16German - Sabine Wilharm

German Adult

17German Adult

Swedish – illustrated by Alvaro Tapia

18Swedish-Alvaro Tapia



Finnish – illustrated by Mika Launis

20Finnish-Mika Launis

Italian – illustrated by Serena Liglietti

21Italian-Serena Liglieti

Ukraine – illustrated by Vladyslav Yerko

22Ukraine-Vladyslav Yerko

Spanish – illustrated by Dolores Avendano

23Spanish-Dolores Avendano

New Russian

24New Russian



hpCredit: as tagged, minilua.com

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