A Reading Checklist for 2016 (PopSugar)

PopSugar is back this year with a Reading Challenge for 2016. I won’t be participating (I’m plenty busy with the 100 Greatest Books Challenge, and resenting myself for undertaking the 100 Greatest Books Challenge), but I look forward to hearing from those hardy read-venturers brave enough to face the literary wilds of a new list and a new year.


I feel confident in my chances of tackling a classic from the 20th century (Midnight’s Children), a book from Oprah’s Book Club (Song of Solomon), a YA bestseller (not yet sure which one), and a book that’s more than 600 pages (ALL THE BOOKS LEFT ON MY LIST, UGH WHYYY YEEZUS).

I doubt I will read a book set in my home state, because there are only like two (probably). And I don’t think I’ll tick off a book recommended by someone I just met, because I am antisocial and that sounds like a reckless investment.

Here‘s PopSugar’s 2015 Reading Challenge, by the way. And here‘s my sad struggle to pretend I completed it. Almost.


Anyway. Back to the point, which is always Happy reading to you and yours—whatever you’re reading.

A Reading Checklist for 2015 (PopSugar)

If you’re the Reading Challenge/New Year’s Resolution/long-term goal type, this checklist from Goodwill Librarian is full of good ideas (and a few weird ones. A book with antonyms in the title? Um, OK).


I like the idea of consciously diversifying, but I also like to read and reread all the books written by a specific, beloved author in the hopes that s/he will one day come knocking on my door to award me “#1 Fan” status and the accompanying baseball cap. So… dilemma.

Anyway, whether your book hobby is broad or narrow, happy reading!

Update: If you want to see how my 2014 reads stacked up against this challenge, check out this post from January 2015.