The Best Literary Links I’ve Come Across This Week (Round 5)


It’s time for another carefully curated collection of the Best Literary Links I’ve Come Across This Week. It was a particularly good week, as literary links go—but you’ll soon find that out for yourself. Enjoy.

Happy reading! And happy holidays!

Literary References in The Simpsons (The Atlantic)

Sometimes, but usually on Tuesdays, too many troubles and too little tea make for a long, long day — a day so long it cannot be fixed with various forms and flavors of cheese. On those days, I turn to The Simpsons, the other family I grew up with, for a bit of cartoon sunshine.

The Atlantic put together this slideshow of literary references in The Simpsons, and every time I click through it, all my troubles seem so far away.

When I grow up, I want to be Lisa Simpson.