Travel Websites Worth Reading

Books are fun, right? Like, really fun, most of the time, unless they’re about the Great Depression or written by a celebrity. Any celebrity. Even the ones who think they are writers.

My only competing passion is travel. Reading and travel are pretty much the same thing — a window into another world, and other such clichés — except for the fact that you can do one of them on your couch. Travel can only be achieved by venturing toward other people’s couches.

The two can be combined in the oh-so-satisfying stew of glory known as travel literature. Bill Bryson’s hilarious and informative books are in permanent rotation on my bookshelf, and I have strict travel guide preferences when it comes to trip planning (Fodor’s for cities; Eyewitness for countries or regions, in case you were wondering). But too often overlooked are travel websites.

There are hundreds of great travel websites that play host to personal essays, destination guides, tips and resources, and topical feature stories. Short and easily digestible, these articles can be read during your coffee break — and the really great ones can inspire you to stop working entirely. Have you ever wondered what a French nudist colony is like, how to use a Chinese toilet, or where to find the best mititei in Romania? Lonely Planet’s not going to tell you that. (OK, they might, but the internet is faster.)

These are some of my favorite travel websites:

Happy reading, and happy traveling.