10 Reasons You Should Be Reading the Classics (Punchnel’s)

10 Reasons You Should Be Reading YA Literature (Punchnel’s)

10 Reasons for Banning Books, and 5 Much Better Reasons Not To (Punchnel’s)

The Five Stages of Reading a Very Long Novel (Headstuff)

50 Quotes from 50 Classics (Headstuff)

Literary London: A Recommended Reading List (LitroNY)

Literary New York: A Recommended Reading List (LitroNY)

Literary Paris: A Recommended Reading List (LitroNY)

10 Reasons You Should Read the Classics (

The Open Book: Mark Twain (Headstuff)

The Open Book: Edith Wharton (Headstuff)

Classic Reviews: 1984 (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: Vanity Fair (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: The Pilgrim’s Progress (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: The Lord of the Rings (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: The Canterbury Tales (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: The Sound and the Fury (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: The Portrait of a Lady (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: The Magic Mountain (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: Middlemarch (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: Women in Love (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: The Wind in the Willows (Punchnel’s)

Classic Reviews: Moby-Dick (Punchnel’s)

New York Novels of the 20th Century (Headstuff)


Strasbourg Then and Now (GoNOMAD)

Underneath Vietnam (GoNOMAD)

All in the Family (Verge Magazine)

Taking Rory Gilmore Off Her Pedestal (Headstuff)

It’s Official: Ross is the Best Friends Character (Headstuff)

The Most Memorable Simpsons Tropes (Headstuff)

Hands (The Corner Club Press)

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